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Gigs and News

What's Happening in 2023


Hi Folks, this year looks good so far. Rather than put up a diary, I can sum it up here.


From April till October, I can be found at The Balavil Hotel in Newtonmore Most Saturdays. I also entertain on Tuesdays and Thursdays there but please check with me or the hotel before travelling as they can be subject to change.



I am in the Cartwheel Inn Blairgowrie on the following Saturdays and not the Balavil.

20th May, 3rd June, 15th July, 5th August, 2nd September, 28th October, 23rd December


I will be performing in The Caledonian Bar in Perth on the following Saturday afternoons from 3-6

6th May (yeh I Know), June 24th, July 22nd, August 26th, Also St Andrew’s Night 30thNovember.  I will still be at the Balavil, Newtonmore, in the evenings from around 8pm.

There will be gigs for Its BRAW as well during the festival TBC.

Oh Sunday the 2nd July I’m in Ken and Olive’s Garden before the session.

Friday 2nd of June I will be at Piston Isla, Musical Extravaganza, 2nd-4th June at Glenisla Hotel from 9pm giving it laldy. This booking came in just as I was editing this page! 


On top of these gigs, I have my care sector gigs, which I don’t advertise.


The It’s BRAW Session

The session, hosted by myself, is on the first Sunday of the month at the Royal British Legion in Blairgowrie. This session is open to anyone who wants to have a song, tune or tell a story. You can also sit with a dram and singalong! 

All levels of musicianship welcome!



This Summer I will be recording my daughter Rebecca. It will be a selection of songs in Gaelic and Scots. 

Tha mi a’ coimhead air adhart ri sin


I will be releasing an album this year of songs I started about 15 years ago. These will be Scottish songs but with electric guitar backing.

There are other artists on the cards but time at the moment time is tight.


"Lockdown Cowboy", Recorded during lockdown, 
This album features a selection of Bob's favourite Country numbers. It is available here as a FREE download!



August 2020 saw Bob filming with the BBC as part of the documentary show - "My Kind of Town". Hosted by Ian Hamilton, the Blairgowrie and Rattray special featured Bob performing local songs as well as his own.
Take a look at the show here.

It's BRAW Music Sessions

The it's BRAW session has returned to an actual Venue, The R0yal British Legion, Blairgowrie.
braw image 2.png


Bob has mastered two CDs over the lockdown period, including The It's BRAW Christmas Special "Have a BRAW Christmas" and Sol Christie's "Remembering Elvis".
Bob is now working on his new album "Lockdown Cowboy".
Keep an eye out for the release date!


As part of a special It's BRAW project, from November to March, Bob has been out and about in Perthshire performing at care and sheltered housing complexes. 
10 meters from the front door, in rain, snow and wind, Bob has been entertaining those more vulnerable members of society. 

It's BRAW to Talk

Blairgowrie & Rattray's podcast show "It's BRAW to Talk" has been hosted by Bob & Steve Johnson since it started in March 2021. Bob and Steve chat to local guests as they share the up's and down's of their life and the last 12 months with their listeners. This new wellbeing podcast can be heard on the usual platforms or listen on Spotify here.
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